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Example of Cable Railing

Understanding The Client’s Needs

I have been involved in many projects where there was a designer who created a barrier between me and the client. It was the designer making all of the decisions. All the homeowner did was cut the checks.  I am fortunate to have had a chance to work with some of the most creative Architects and Interior Designers in the Washington Metropolitan area, South Florida, and all up and down the East Coast.  However, to really get to the heart of what a homeowner wants and to execute their vision for their home, we like to spend time with the client and just have a general conversation to get to know them and their family.  During our conversation, we discuss their travels and what they like about the places they visit, and what elements of their lifestyle they like to incorporate into their living space.  After all, they are the ones that need to look at the space every day.  I like to look at their furniture and ask which ones are their favorite and listen to see how they describe how they came across and bought the furniture.  I am not there to push my ideas, but once I see what they like then I can narrow down the options and present them with designs.  Cable railing is not for everyone and certainly not for every space, and so is glass railing.  There is an appropriate place for each.

As the clients’ tastes are becoming more sophisticated, by seeing the possibilities for their space thru all the design sites and channels available on the Internet, so a change of paint and floor covering is no longer enough to update and modernize a space.  In more and more projects, we see that the traditional facade of a building does not dictate or even reveal what the inside of the building looks like.

Neighborhood associations can dictate what the exterior of a house should look like, but that stops at the front door.  There are several ways to modernize a space and other than an updated modern kitchen, and a powder room, the stairs and the railings are the most prominent features of a custom space.  The stairs are usually the centerpiece of a space, so it is the first thing you see once you enter the place.

“Custom stairs and rails are jewelry for the home.”

There are many levels of remodeling, and we will discuss the simplest options all the way up to the complete renovation of a space in our upcoming blogs.

We work with many architects and designers, so we are constantly adding new elements to our lineup to keep things exciting.  We are often brought in early in the design process, so we can get involved early enough that in most cases the staircase becomes the main feature of the multilevel space, however majority of our work is done directly with homeowners and their existing residence.