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Example of Stainless Cable Railing

One easy way to give your interior space a modern look is to change your railings. The stairs are usually a focal point, or a very prominent feature of a space. Stairs are commonly front and center to a space and are the largest feature of the interior of a space. In most cases, once you open the door, you see the stairs. That first look sets the pace for the rest of the house.

First impressions are everything, and you only get one “first impression”. At Ar2 Design Studios, we can help you with a simple upgrade, all the way up to a complete redesign and installation of a new modern staircase. Everything we do is custom made for your space. There are no kits, no out of the box solutions, and no short cuts. All materials are top quality, and all connections are welded connections, so once we install a project, it’s in for good.

One of our most popular railings is our custom Stainless-Steel railing with high-grade stainless steel. You may have heard that cable railings do not meet code due to the “Ladder Effect”, but this is no longer true. Rules and codes have changed, and cable railings are accepted by the local building codes. We will be more than happy to discuss code requirements during our free design consultation. Stainless steel cable railing will bring a modern, yet industrial look to your space. The rails are very open, and do not interfere with the background. As we use many of the same elements in our furniture line, and soon to come lighting, there is a great flow between all the elements that are in your place. Many modern furniture and light fixtures available in the market utilize stainless steel and cable/exposed wires in their design, so our cable railing will fit well with them as well.