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Example of Metal Rod Railing

Cable Railing 101

Basic Cable Railing design

We like the railing to have a perfect flow with the contours of your stairs to show that they were custom made specifically for the stairs.

Our cable railing has a great combination of form and function.  The cable railing will not take away from the background, but they will enhance the look of the space by bringing in rich materials and well thought design to the stairs.

We can make the cable railing as simple or as elaborate as the client wants. For our standard style, we make the posts using stainless steel shapes and you have choices of square tube, rectangular tube, round pipe, and solid bars.

For more specific designs, have capabilities of advance shape cutting equipment, so we can make the posts in any shape required for the design.  The standard posts are caped to make them look solid, and we weld a solid stainless rod on top, which will then hold the top rail.  You have even more choices for the top rail (handrail), we can use the square, rectangle, round, solid shapes, and even wood.

We have an extensive variety of wood starting with red oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, Ipe, and any exotic species you can name.  We then install high-grade stainless-steel cable thru the mid-posts and secure them to the end posts using stainless steel hardware.

There are many other options for the cable type, thickness, and hardware used to secure the cable to the posts, as well as different metals and different finishes on the metals.

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Wait till you see what we can do with glass…